Top 8 business benefits of more Chinese workers

Recently the Australian Government made moves to increase the number of Chinese workers coming to Australia. This is good news for business. There are significant direct business benefits to be gained by employing more skilled and semi-skilled Chinese workers. Plus, we will all enjoy the wider economic spin offs of improved infrastructure and more spending.

Two new schemes include the introduction of:
Work and Holiday Arrangement (WHA) Visas; and
Investment Facilitation Arrangements /strong>(IFAs).

Work and Holiday Arrangement (WHA)
Australia will shortly grant visas for up to 5,000 young Chinese work and holiday makers annually. The WHA visa will allow the holder to: stay in Australia for 12 months from their date of first arrival; work for the 12 month duration of their stay, but for no longer than six months with any one employer; and study for four months.

Business benefits:
1. 5000 tertiary educated, English speaking, young Chinese people will be looking for employment for up to 6 months.
2. These young people must bring at least AUD $5000 spending money with them.
3. The WHA will increase demand for tourism services and support the development of Australia’s tourism sector, particularly in rural Australia.
4. Boost the income of Australia’s tertiary education sector.

Investment Facilitation Arrangements (IFAs)
IFAs allow Chinese companies registered in Australia (at least 50% Chinese owned) to import Chinese workers for the duration of large infrastructure projects above $150 million. The scheme will work within the existing visa regime.

Business benefits:
5. Unlike the current Temporary Work (Skilled) visa, there is no requirement to prove that there is a skill shortage or that the project company has had recruitment difficulties in enticing Australian workers.
6. The project company can negotiate via a private contract with the Department of Immigration to import Chinese workers to work on the project in lower skilled occupations.
7. Chinese workers will need to be employed in compliance with Australian labour laws, but concessions can be made with regards to the required standards for English skills.
8. Overall investment in infrastructure will increase bringing more prosperity.

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