The Eighth Village was established by Lisa Cohen to assist businesses to articulate their strategic goals. By distilling goals and removing the ‘white-noise’, a path can be defined for a business. Then a prioritised set of operational objectives can be set.

With many years experience as a human resources and business leader, she recognised a need for a service. Leaders who need assistance with particular areas of their business or who need to refresh and redefine their overall business goals.

The Eighth Village also recommends and assists with the implementation of effective people programs to support the business strategy.  Visit Lisa on LinkedIn

Given her enthusiasm for business and love of the entrepreneurial spirit, she called the company The Eighth Village. A place where businesses excel as part of a supportive community of service providers and like-minded business people.

At The Eighth Village we are about longterm relationships, we want to partner with you and be there to offer support you as you grow.

The success of our clients brings us great happiness.